Vivida Collection Dorika Ball Enameled 14 Karat Gold Bracelet



Enamel is a form of decoration obtained by covering a metal surface with a hard and shiny glass layer. To make enamel, metal and glass are fused by applying a special heating process in a very hot oven. Enamel art is based on the decoration of precious metals such as gold, silver and copper with enamel paints. The history of enamel workmanship goes back to the Egyptians. 

The earliest Islamic Artifacts in the enamel art are jewels made of gold from the Fatimid period found in Fustat. During the Renaissance, artists in Europe made portraits painted with metal oxides on a white enamel background. Today, this workmanship, which has an important place in the jewelry industry and is increasing in popularity, adorns our collections.

Gold Bracelet

14 Karat

Yellow Gold

7.30 grams