Collection: El Capitolio

The 92m tall vault of El Capitolio is the feature of Havana' horizon. Enlivened by Washington D.C's. Capital Hill, El Capitolio was underlying 1926. A group of 5000 specialists took 3 years to finish the task.

Up until the upset it was the seat of Cuba's Congress. Inside, underneath the vault, a 25 Carat Diamond was set to check "Kilometer 0", the beginning stage of Cuba's Central Highway.

The Diamond is said to have had a place with the French and afterward Russian Royal families before being offered to Cuba's First Lady, María Jaén de Zayas.

The Diamond turned into an immense vacation destination. Vacationer office pamphlets of the time talk about the jewel's mystical forces, saying it could fix the wiped out carrying best of luck to the viewer.