Collection: Capitolio Miami

Capitolio Miami brand began its story by selling to Voyage Boats as they started cruising from Miami to Havana. Cuba was turning into a famous novel objective and enthusiasm for Cuban culture and history was expanding. The watches were progressing admirably and our customers started inquiring as to whether there were some other results of Cuban cause they could source or create.

They glanced through chronicles, history books and a huge number of photos looking for motivation to make something that could be emblematic of Havana and energizing for everyone. Inevitably we found the tale of Cuba's Precious stone, the Jewel showed in El Capitolio de Havana. They realized they were on to something amazing that would prompt incredible gems.

Jonathan Reyes, their lord goldsmith, was conceived in Havana and end up being the ideal specialists to rejuvenate these thoughts. Capitolio™ was conceived, every single piece is planned and projected in Gables Fancy Corner!