White, Rose and Yellow Gold Jewelry. Which one to pick for your significant other?

White, Rose and Yellow Gold Jewelry. Which one to pick for your significant other?


You are probably more familiar with diamonds from watching them in movies than from having them on hand. Colored diamonds are impressive pieces that are only available to a few. It is a beautiful masterpiece of nature that is widely used in jewelry and not all the jewels that incorporate it correspond to a high price. According to the internationally leading Gemological Institute of America (GIA), experts estimate that only 1 carat out of 10,000 carats of cut stones has a fancy color. The likelihood of intensive coloring is many times lower. Gables Fancy Corner is a premium jewelry store in Miami, and we have prepared a comprehensive guide for choosing the right jewelry for your better half.

Colored diamonds are absolute whims of nature. In contrast to the usual known colorless diamonds with their various minimal color gradations within the color scale, the colored diamonds’ color is caused by a specific light absorption due to structural defects in the atomic lattice. This is why colored diamonds are unique and noble. The coloring is not based on an actual coloring by foreign atoms, but on a different optical-physical light absorption within the light spectrum of visible light. Certain places (certain color centers) of the diamond atomic lattice are not atomically or are occupied by foreign atoms. For example, yellow diamonds get their color from that nitrogen atoms embedded in the atomic lattice absorb the wavelength ranges of the blue light component. This makes the diamond appear yellow in its complementary color.

White Diamond

For more brilliance, the white diamonds scratched or inserted in the white gold or yellow gold ring are primarily round stones. You will not make a mistake, since it is a ring that is at the same time sober, timeless and very elegant. Its dazzling whiteness will be highlighted by the contrast with the yellow gold ring. For a colorless to almost colorless diamond, you can select it from grades D, E, F, G or H. The color I corresponds to a white slightly tinged with yellow. But depending on the size of the gem, the yellowish tone of this diamond will hardly be seen with the naked eye.

Anyone who thinks of diamond jewelry spontaneously thinks of white or colorless gemstones. It is the most common type of women’s gold jewelry in Miami. Traditionally, they are most often sold for engagement rings or other jewelry. But many people may not be aware that even colored diamonds also shine beautifully. If you want to give a diamond to your better half for your engagement, you can bet on a white diamond. The pink diamond for example enjoys a remarkable rise. We have a word of explanation on its appeal and the difference with white diamonds.

The Rose Diamond

Go to any jewelry store in Miami, and they will tell you why rose-colored diamonds are extremely rare and highly valuable. The most productive site is the Australian Argyle mine. The total production of this mine is 800 million carats of rough diamonds, but the share of pink rough diamonds is less than 1%. This is why there are diamonds “treated” with this color, almost indistinguishable from natural diamonds. This is clearly stated on the diamond certificate. Other gemstones such as ruby and sapphire are also an option and are growing in popularity. Rose diamonds have a very subtle color and are a variation of colorless diamonds. You can easily combine them with different types of rings like a halo ring or a loner. Our jewelry Store, Coral Gables, offers the finest collection of rose jewelry for your beloved for any occasion.


The Yellow Gold Diamond

During the first months of your romantic relationship, you may have offered other jewelry. It will then be appropriate to offer a diamond ring in the same style as the previous gifts or jewelry usually worn by your partner. The preferred engagement rings are often solitaires or halo rings. But for women who do not want to have the same type of jewelry on their fingers as their relatives or colleagues, you can bet on a yellow gold diamond ring with 2, 3 or even 5 stones. It is even possible to offer an engagement ring with 7 diamonds or a half turn. Then, depending on the personality of your future fiancée – you can turn to classic or more original rings. You can get the perfect gold ring at Coral Gables for any occasion.

During your marriage proposal, nothing better than a yellow gold solitaire diamond ring to show your partner that she is unique. If you are looking for a perfect women’s gold jewelry in Miami, you can bet on these little golden delights. Among the precious stones, opt for the diamond, a very robust stone which will symbolize the resistance of your love to all obstacles. It will be the sign of your commitment. Whatever its shape, it will be raised by claws and will be highlighted as well on a thin ring as on a thick and worked ring. Inserted into the yellow gold ring, the pure white stone will not hinder your companion in her activities. The ring set with a single and very beautiful diamond will go very well with the wedding ring chosen in the same metal, a few months or a few years later.

The Black Diamonds

It is certain that with a black diamond, the woman who wears it will attract attention. This jewel is modern and very classy. The black diamond is nothing other than a white diamond teeming with dark inclusions of graphite or hematite inside the stone. Aesthetically, the intensity of black forms a very nice contrast with white gold or yellow gold. This diamond is as robust as the traditional white diamond. The black diamond ring also embodies strength. It is usually offered as a lucky charm. You will have the choice between the various shapes like round, oval, or cushion. For even more elegance, the diamond is magnificent when mounted on a ring shouldered by small white diamonds or surrounded by these white precious stones in halo.

With this Gables Fancy Corner’s guide, you are now an expert in diamond classification. When you go to buy a jewel for your girl, keep all these classifications in mind to make your choice. As an exclusive jewelry store, Coral Gables keeps a premium range of all these jewels that accentuates your love with elegance and beauty.

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